My thirty plus years of work history is proof of my solid background of professional expertise in government affairs, resource management, administrative management, planning of organizational development in military medicine, and hospital relations, as well as CBRN protection and training of cyber skills within the healthcare and medical industry.

I have extensive experience at the executive group level and board level in multiple companies both in Finland and transnationally.

I am also a decorated Medical Service Corps Reserve Warrant Officer, and have been responsible for the development, training and testing of new medical equipment and emerging technologies for the Finnish Defence Forces during 1983 to 2010. Additionally, I have played a major role in the development of techniques, procedures and logistical integration of procured medical equipment for the Finnish Defence Forces.

My contributions to the medical and military industry has been widely recognized both nationally and internationally. I have established close working relationships with major militaries worldwide and with medical equipment and component manufacturers throughout the Nordic region as well as Europe and the United States.

I am also owner and CEO of Jalasvirta Group, which is specialized in the manufacture, sales, distribution, training and service of medical and protection systems on a global scale. The Group has developed medical technology to allow existing medical equipment to be expanded and modified for greater interoperability with other medical systems, such as field hospitals. Since 1985, Jalasvirta Group has specialized in telemedicine capabilities and in developing and equipping field hospitals for the Finnish Defense Forces. The Group has also been active in developing CBRN protection products.

Today, I focus primarily on using my wide professional experience to provide consulting services for the Military, Education, Cyber, Healthcare and Government business segments.


Specialist Qualification in Management
Further Education for Entrepreneurs, FEE
Degree in Management and Business Administration from the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Matriculation examination

Work History

Soprano Oy, Executive Director 360Cyberacademy 2018–
Grapho Group Oy, CEO 2018–
Associate Fellow of the Geneve Center for Security Policy, GCSP 2018–
B3CF – British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland, Board Member 2017–
Finland-Hong Kong Trade Association, Board Member 2016–
Sail For Good (Finnish education export initiative), Project Director 2016–
SFS (learning technology SFS/SR 305) 2015–
Claned Group, Senior Advisor/Partner 2014–
Holum Miracus Oy (laser technology development), Senior Advisor/Partner 2013–
KT-Shelter, Senior Advisor 2013–
Jalasvirta Group, CEO, Board Member 2008–
Halax Oy, Board Member 2018–2019
Moorhouse Oy, Board Member, Senior Advisor 2016–2017
Brian Tracy Global, Senior Advisor/Partner 2013–2016
Conlog Oy, Board Member/Senior Advisor 2012–2018
Aether CBRN, Project Coordinator 2010–2011
Suojasauma Oy, Board Member 2007–2011
Finnmedica, CEO 2007-2008
Emfitech Oy, Advisor 2004-2009
E! 2329 Microsleep, CEO 2003-2006
Pulmer Oy , Board Member 2003-2011
Eskor Oy, CEO 2002-2004
Mediring Oy, CEO 2002-2005
Fuchs Medical Oy, CEO 2002-2005
Fuchs Service Oy, CEO 2001-2005
Sirius Oy, CEO 1989-2007
Ameda Ag, Switzerland, Board Member 1989-2005
Fuchs Medical Oy, President 1988–2001; 2006–2008
Fuchs & Co, Vice President 1985–1988
Suomen Straumann Oy, Sales Manager/Chief of Logistics 1982-1983

Military Career

Petty Officer, Navy, 1977
Petty Officer 1st Class, Navy (Reserves)
Warrant Officer (Reserves)


Cross of Merit of the Order of the White Rose of Finland
VmpAM silver, Merit Medal for Voluntary Defence
Medal for Military Merit
The Defence Medal
Medal of the Helsinki University School of Medicine
Annales Medicinae Militaris Fenniae Standard
The Commendation Medal, USA VR
The Meritorious service medal, USA Voluntary Reserve
AMSUS Member Medal
Knight Commander, OCG
Pour Le Merit, OCG
Chevalier Grand Collar, OCG
Knight of Justice, KOJ


Sotilaslääketieteen museosäätiö (Museum of Military Medicine), Founding Member, 2002–2014 Funding Development, Board Member
The Association of Military Surgeons of the United States AMSUS
The Paasikivi Society (foreign policy forum)
Minerva Society
Sompala Society
The Sovereign and Imperial Order of Saint Constantine the Great and of Saint Helen, Grand Prior for North Europe
The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Justice
Suomalainen Klubi (The Helsinki Finnish Club)
Masonic Organization MM, MMM, RA, RC, Knight of Temple, Knight of Malta, ROS, SRis
The Finnish Society for Futures Studies
Finnish Egyptological Society
Edistyksellinen tiedeliitto ry (Association for Progressive Policy in Finland)
Rajapinta (scientific association advocating social scientific research of IT and ICT applications in Finland)


Finnish, native
English, fluent
Swedish, spoken
Germany, spoken